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Do what the locals do! Live natural and stay healthy with coconuts. With years of experience, our local experts know how to make the highest quality coconut products. Our mission is to bring them to you and enjoy all their great benefits. Did you know that all parts of the coconut are used? No waste and 100% natural. Connect with coco and get nuts! CocoZua


The production of our Zua products is located in the Ben Tre province, in the middle of the main coconut growing area in Vietnam. CocoZua is a Dutch-Spanish and Vietnamese corporation aiming to increase the value of coconuts in the Mekong Delta. We are producing all kinds of products from all parts of the coconut. Our main thrust is to apply the latest technologies available in the world to process Vietnamese coconuts with the lowest environmental impact and to build a sustainable relationship with the local farmers in Ben Tre.

Hectares in the Ben Tre province
Million nuts a year